Alissa Guthrie: The Mompreneur Behind Bend’s First Inflatable Fun Center

Alissa Guthrie is the owner of Bouncing Off the Wall, the first and only inflatable fun center in Bend, Oregon. Guthrie decided to start her own business after moving from Portland to Bend with her husband and three boys. They had been regular customers of a larger, well-known inflatable fun center in the metro area, and there were no such establishments in their new city. Guthrie realized franchising wasn’t going to work for her, so she set out to launch her own company. After several months of research, she opened the doors to an inflatable fun center with a focus on personalized service, state-of-the-art equipment, and a family-friendly atmosphere.

That was nearly six years ago. From the beginning, Guthrie has been dedicated to running a safe, clean, and intuitive facility – a commitment that has helped Bouncing Off the Wall weather rough economic times.

Spanning 11,000 square feet, Bouncing Off the Wall offers a variety of activities for different age groups. Every second and fourth Saturday of the month is Kids Night Out, which includes three hours of play time, snacks, a craft project, and a kid-friendly movie. Parents can enjoy a night out while their kids blow off steam in a safe environment. There’s also Pre-K Play every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. These times are reserved for the younger kids; no older children are allowed. Then every second and fourth Friday is Family Fun Night, where kids and parents can take part in jousting, boxing, bouncy volleyball, sumo wrestling, and other fun themed events.

Prior to Bouncing Off the Wall, Guthrie earned her degree in elementary education from Linfield College in McMinnville and taught for a few years in the Portland area. She absolutely loves children and feels fortunate to be able to work with them every day.


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