Julie Bailey, Herb-Loving Entrepreneur

Julie Bailey is the co-owner and president of Mountain Rose Herbs, an online retailer of organic herbs, spices, loose leaf teas, herbal extracts, essential oils, and natural body care ingredients. Mountain Rose Herbs’ selection includes certified organic, fair trade, Kosher, and ethically wild harvested products.

Bailey embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 1991 when she bought Mountain Rose Herbs from a friend. In the beginning, she ran the business out of her home in southern Humboldt, where she created a line of all-natural products such as teas, aroma sprays, aroma oils, and face creams. After witnessing the growing popularity of herbs and the irresponsible harvesting of wild plants, Bailey instituted strict guidelines for ethical wild harvesting within the company to protect the threatened state of wild plants.

By 1998, Mountain Rose Herbs had become the go-to source for high-quality herbs, known for its top-notch products and friendly service. The company is now based in Eugene, Oregon and has been recognized one of the best green businesses to work for in the state.

er-julie-baileyBailey’s fascination with herbs and healing began at a young age when her grandmother, the village herbalist, took her for a walk in her garden in Derbyshire, England. As a young adult, Bailey apprenticed with Denise Aylmer-Aylmore and learned about herbal and alternative medicines for people and animals.

Over the following years, she ran an equestrian training stable, managed the herb departments of co-ops and health food stores, cooked at vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and attended herb classes. At college and nursing school, Bailey took classes on psychiatric and general medicine, anatomy, nutrition, physiology, and CPR/first aid. Prior to Mountain Rose Herbs, she managed restaurants and health food stores, ran a plant and herb nursery, led wilderness backpack trips for women, and worked at a health clinic.

Bailey describes Mountain Rose Herbs as the “ongoing fulfillment of my dreams, work experience, and ambition.”


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