Jeff Morin, Veteran Turned Coin Entrepreneur

er-jeff-morinJeff Morin is the founder and CEO of Coins For Anything, a collectible coin company based in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Morin started out reselling military challenge coins on the Internet while he was stationed at Camp Lejeune with the 2nd Marine Division. When a customer requested a Mother of Marine coin, he realized that it wasn’t available and decided to design and produce it himself.

After seeing the effect this special coin had on his customer, Morin founded Coins For Anything in late 2002. His goal is to provide the finest custom-made challenge coins as well as a selection of unique designs for collectors.

Since its inception, Coins For Anything has designed over 25,000 coins, many of which are used for non-military applications such as business cards, employee recognition pieces, customer loyalty discount coins, and more. Notable clients of the company include Ford, The Home Depot, Starbucks, Du Pont, Yahoo!, Frito Lay, and Dell.


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