Christie Asselin, Wedding Lawyer

Christie Asselin is a wedding lawyer based in La Crescenta, California. A sixth year litigation attorney with a background in business disputes, she began thinking about the next stage of her legal career a couple of years ago. Having been a bridesmaid in seven weddings and planned several events and fundraisers, Asselin realized there weren’t any lawyers who specialized in weddings.

“Getting married is not just about coordinating wedding colors,” she says. “It’s a much more complex legal process than people consider.”

After finding an interest and a need for legal representation in this area, Asselin began working with brides and grooms in 2012. Today, she assists couples with wedding-related legal issues including contract review and vendor negotiation, as well as provides legal support to wedding professionals. It was while planning her own wedding and getting to know wedding professionals that Asselin saw that they also needed legal guidance.

“There is so much white space to play with in terms of the interplay between three of my favorite things: the law, wedding planning, and well… love,” says Asselin. She adds that the niche she has developed inspires her all the time and gives her plenty of room to be creative.

But because being a wedding lawyer is such a new concept, Asselin has to work on increasing awareness for her brand. To this end, she tells everyone she knows about what she does and remains active on social media, commenting on wedding topics regularly. Asselin’s future plans include teaching classes for couples and wedding professionals, publishing a book, and landing speaking engagements.

Asselin graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2002 and Seattle University Law School in 2006. Self-employed since 2009, she not only serves as a litigation and wedding lawyer but also works as a freelance research and writing attorney.


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