Alex Furmansky Turns Kids’ Drawings Into Actual Toys

Serial entrepreneur Alex Furmansky is the founder of Budsies, a company that turns children’s artwork into custom plush toys. Furmansky got the idea for Budsies from his younger sister, Michelle. Because he was already 16 when she was born, he got to see her art evolve throughout her childhood. Each week, Michelle created dozens of drawings, which went from being displayed on the fridge to being hidden in a box in the basement. When Furmansky saw Michelle hugging her stuffed animals and tucking them in at night, he thought about bringing her drawings to life so she could hold them as well. Budsies was born, and soon everyone in the neighborhood wanted to turn their art into plush toys, too.

To order a Budsie, customers simply send a photo to the company. Each unique stuffed animal is made with all-new hypoallergenic materials and high-quality stitching and ships in about five weeks.


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