Glamour Kills’ Mark Capicotto: An Indie Entrepreneur Inspired By Rock and Roll

Mark Capicotto is the founder of Glamour Kills, a youth lifestyle brand inspired by music. Glamour Kills is known for combining rock and roll with chic modernism, resulting in an aesthetic that is fashionable and palatable, but still underground and edgy.

Capicotto started the company fresh out of high school in 2005, setting up shop in his parents’ basement in suburban New York. The artist and entrepreneur began with five T-shirts and slowly built the brand by selling at local shows and launching the Glamour Kills website. The first shirt he made, called “When Pigs Fly,” featured the company’s now signature flying pig and represented his philosophy that anything can happen.

“I simply wanted to put my art on shirts, and it was a bonus that people bought them,” says Capicotto.

And people did buy them. Glamour Kills first caught on in the music world and eventually seeped into American pop culture. Glamour Kills has been seen on members of rock bands and in media outlets such as AP, Rolling Stone, and Nylon. It is available at retailers nationwide, including Zumiez, Tilly’s, Evo, Gypsy Warrior, Brick & Mortar, and Amnesia. Part of Glamour Kills’ success can be attributed to the fact that it has found “the middle ground.” When Capicotto started his company, a lot of the clothing worn in the music community, its target market, were all black or very dark.

“That’s not us,” says Capicotto. “I wanted to introduce something that was bright, colorful, and fun, but not overbearing.”

A true indie business owner, Capicotto created the artwork and fulfilled orders himself to achieve that goal. He draws most of his inspiration from music, which has always been a huge part of his life. The company has participated in the Vans Warped Tour and is currently hosting the Glamour Kills Tour with pop punk band New Found Glory.


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