Linda Faust: A Natural Soap Entrepreneur Offers Safer Personal Care Products

Linda Faust is the owner of Scenter of the Mind, a natural personal care company based in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Faust started her business more than 10 years ago to provide safer, more ethical choices to consumers. Unlike many commercial and some handmade soaps that contain harmful chemicals, detergents, colorants, and synthetic fragrances, Faust’s soaps and herbal products are pure and natural, made with high-quality, vitamin-enriched oils and exquisite fragrances from essential oils of flowers and plants. Faust’s products do not include dyes, pigments, or colorants that can irritate the skin or synthetic fragrances consisting of toxic, undisclosed ingredients.

Faust is passionate about nature, cares about people, and loves making soap that are not “chemical cocktails.” Committed to the well-being of people and the planet, Faust will never use bad ingredients just to make her soaps prettier, smell stronger, or more marketable. She takes pride in her products’ simplicity and purity.

“I want people to have healthier choices and be aware of what they are putting on and into their body,” says Faust. “I strive to provide as much information as possible.”

All Scenter of the Mind products are entirely handmade in the USA using carefully selected, quality ingredients. Faust does not use store-bought kits or materials. She has spent several hours developing her recipes to create soaps that not only clean well and last long but are also gentle on the skin. Additionally, the packaging is natural, renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable whenever possible. Faust believes our relationship with nature is part of our overall health, and using natural ingredients is a way to nurture that relationship.

Scenter of the Mind is available online and at brick-and-mortar locations in Illinois and Maryland, including Rolling Meadows Farmers and Food Trucks, Happy Foods, Pete’s Fresh Market, Mariano’s Fresh Market, Go Green Baby, and Bee Beautiful Green Salon and Spa.


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