Whitney Cochran, Creator of BoxSox Reusable Gift Wrap

Whitney Cochran is the mompreneur who created BoxSox, a reusable fabric gift wrap that serves as a greener alternative to traditional wrapping paper. BoxSox also makes gift wrapping fast and easy; each kit includes an attractive spandex gift wrap, an attached ribbon, a box, tissue paper, and a card. Simply place your gift inside the box, slip the stretchable fabric over it, tie the ribbon, and you’re done. Even the worst gift wrappers will look like pros with BoxSox.

“One of the comments I hear quite frequently is that BoxSox is like a gift within a gift,” says Cochran. “Sometimes people like the box better than the gift inside!”

When you wrap a gift in BoxSox, you are encouraging someone else to reuse it when they give a gift, thus starting an eco-friendly gift wrapping revolution.

BoxSox comes in five sizes and several fun designs. Cochran came up with the idea for BoxSox when she was wrapping presents for her four daughters one Christmas Eve. Surrounded by presents and rolls of wrapping paper, she figured there had to be a quicker and greener way to wrap gifts.


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