Sharon Schneider Helps Moms Get the Most Value Out of Children’s Clothes

Sharon Schneider is the co-founder and CEO of Moxie Jean, an “upscale resale” website for boutique children’s clothing. As a busy, modern mom, she knows how expensive babies can be, calling them “little consumption engines.” Like many parents, Schneider loves well-made baby clothes but tries to avoid conspicuous consumption and wants to raise her kids to be socially responsible. She has often lamented the cost and waste of baby clothes, which babies go through really quickly. To save time, money, and the planet, she and her sisters and friends passed their kids’ clothing around, sharing them as much as possible.

One day Schneider thought how great it would be if there were a central repository where she and her friends and family could store their beautiful baby clothes when they don’t need them. This person could keep them clean and organized and send her the best pieces in the sizes she needs when she needs them. This way, everyone would save money and waste less, while still having stylish kids.

That was the start of Moxie Jean. Since then, the company has been making it easy for moms to buy and sell branded, like-new kids’ clothes, offering a curated selection of beautiful pieces at consignment sale prices. Moxie Jean takes pride in providing only immaculate apparel that moms will be excited to receive. Guided by its upscale resale philosophy, Moxie Jean emulates the boutique shopping experience, from the carefully chosen apparel and well-done photography to the prompt shipping and responsive customer service.

In 2013, Moxie Jean was named the “Most Awesome Online Consign, Swap, or Recycle Site” in the Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Awards and received a Chicago Innovation Award as an “Up and Comer.” It has been featured in The Daily Herald, Mashable, ABC7 Green Living, Windy City Live, The Today Show, and more.


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