Mark A. Samuel Equips Fitness Enthusiasts With High-End Gym Bags

Mark A. Samuel is the founder and CEO of Fitmark, a California-based company that creates high-quality, stylish gym bags for men and women. A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Samuel had seen several of his gym-mates walking around with shapeless, uninspired bags. He knew that these same intense, successful people wouldn’t settle for ill-fitting clothes, cheap footwear, or a flabby body. So why carry boring bags? Because there was no company that focused solely on offering high-end fitness bags. Thus, in 2011, Samuel put his extensive entrepreneurial experience to work and started Fitmark.

A Fitmark bag is like a fine suit that instantly conveys who you are and what you believe. Samuel believes that fitness enthusiasts can have it all – a sophisticated bag with innovative design, superior quality, and the highest-grade materials. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, Fitmark has a bag that seamlessly integrates form and function to support your highest fitness goals and reflect your lifestyle and passions.

Fitmark exclusively focuses on sports bags and does not offer other products such as apparel, shoes, or supplements. According to Samuel, this allows his company to concentrate on what’s needed and what’s missing in the fitness market. In the future, he wants to start making bags for specific sport categories, which no one has done before, either.

In just a few short years, Fitmark has grown from an idea to a global brand sold in more than 35 countries. Samuel attributes this success to hard work.

“From day one we knew what we wanted to achieve as a brand and we also knew what it would take to be successful – when in a startup situation, unless funded with millions of dollars, you need to treat each day as if it could be your last,” he says. “You need to work hard, create opportunities, close deals, and repeat every single day, weekends included.”


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