Matthew Baker, the Poster Boy for Visual Learning

Matthew Baker is the founder of UsefulCharts, a Vancouver-based company that designs and sells educational posters. UsefulCharts began as a hobby for Baker about four years ago. Having run and taught at a non-profit school in rural Sri Lanka for several years, he started UsefulCharts as a way to share some of the educational materials he had developed.

Baker initially sold small laminated study guides but soon noticed that people wanted posters. So he switched gears and started offering posters instead. According to him, “You have to be willing to change your plans once you figure out your market.”

UsefulCharts became a part-time job, then a full-time business. All posters are printed on 80-pound cover stock using eco-friendly inks at a carbon neutral facility. The Timeline of World History is one of Baker’s most popular posters and has made it onto Amazon’s bestsellers list several times.

In addition to making posters, Baker is a PhD candidate at the University of Warwick.


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