Sean Belnick: A Successful Serial Entrepreneur At Heart

Sean Belnick is a serial entrepreneur at heart but he has certainly found his niche in the furniture industry particularly as one of the leaders in the online office furniture retail sector. He has been involved in just about every business opportunity that came his way, such as mowing lawns, passing out flyers, and selling Pokemon cards online as well as designing websites during the early days of the Internet.

Like many successful serial entrepreneurs, Belnick will not take credit for the success of because he believes that every successful company requires a combination of intuitive leadership, effective strategy, and desirable products and services, as well as a bit of luck. He started in 2001 when he was just 14 years old with a $500 capital and with professional assistance from his stepfather, an experienced furniture salesman with longstanding connections in the industry.

With his business experience coupled with his self-taught online expertise in website design and development and with his stepfather’s continued guidance, Belnick slowly yet surely managed to become a furniture distribution powerhouse with multi-million sales.

In 2004, for example, he moved the company into a 40,000-square foot warehouse with the current warehouse being an award-winning 700,000-square foot facility. He has also hired over 165 employees and sells over 40,000 products on the website with more than 500,000 customers – and growing.

Belnick also believes in change and growth. As his business grows, he also learns new things about the business on a daily basis, thus, keeping him on his toes in the highly competitive online furniture industry. He acknowledges that in the 10 years since the establishment of, it has changed so much so that it is barely recognizable.

Upon graduation from the Emory University’s Goizueta Business School in May 2009, Belnick became’s chief executive officer. Indeed, a bit of luck may have made his success possible but it was his hard work that sealed the deal.


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