Aodhan Cullen Makes Money Via Web Analytics

Aodhan Cullen has many awards to his name including Internet Hero granted at the 2008 Eircom Golden Spider Awards and the 2007 BusinessWeek Young European Entrepreneur of the Year. His recognitions come from his tech-savvy accomplishments as the founder and chief executive officer StatCounter, a web traffic analysis tool with free access to basic services but with a fee structure for advanced services; StatCounter earns its income from subscription fees from its over 2 million users and from ad revenues, thus, making it a multimillion-dollar business.

Cullen, an Irishman and a computer programmer, started StatCounter at the tender age of 16. He has since made it into one of the most prize areas for Google (i.e., web analytics) because it provides detailed information about their online performance. He has 10 employees in his Dublin-based business – it is located at the Guinness Enterprise Center – although he conducts his business largely in the United States.

His secret to success: Managing StatCounter with credibility as the foundation, a management approach that has proven essential in long-term growth amidst intelligent and sceptical webmasters who want independent web analytics services.

There are not many companies that can really take on Google at things that the €300bn giant is good at. Just ask Microsoft and Yahoo.


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