Kara Goldin Has the Golden Touch in Healthy Beverages

Kara Goldin was only looking for a healthier alternative to the sugary beverages including soda and juices in the market but soon discovered her own version. She first scanned the shelves and banned store-bought beverages except plain water and milk among her family but was unsuccessful.

Her breakthrough came when a friend asked her about the raspberry water served in her home, an a-ha moment that resulted in the establishment of HINT Water. She started her company, which manufactures healthy unsweetened yet refreshing fruit-flavored water as a healthier alternative to the artificially-sweetened beverages, despite the odds including tough economic times and giant competitors.

Her perseverance against these odds coupled with her golden touch has resulted in HINT Water products being sold in various nationwide retailers. Her fruit-flavored water can be purchased at Whole Foods, Stop N Shop, Starbucks, and The Fresh Market, among others.

But why stop with just fruit-flavored water when you also have the soda sector to conquer? In January 2012, Goldin launched HINT Fizz as a healthier alternative to soda; the product is the sparkling version of HINT Water in 4 flavours. Such was the appeal of HINT Fizz that it was awarded the 2012 Best New Beverage by Better Homes and Gardens.

What’s Goldin’s secret? She was in the market at the right time in the right place and with the right – and healthier – product. She was able to turn her idea of slicing fruits and placing them in a pitcher of water into a multi-million dollar business with products that consumers are picking up by the bottles.

But her success as an entrepreneur comes as no surprise to those who know her. Goldin, after all, was a successful corporate executive before becoming a successful entrepreneur; she was the Vice President of Electronic Commerce and Shopping at AOL before establishing HINT Water. She has been selected as one of the 2011 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs by Fortune Magazine, too.


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