Stacie Vanchieri Leads the Charge In Levelling the Playing Field in Modelling

The modelling industry is arguably one of the hotbeds for male-female stereotypes and the tension that come with them. Stacie Vanchieri aims to lead the charge in levelling the playing field that the modelling industry requires in the modern world.

She established Modelogic as a way to redefine the things that a female-run modelling agency can do for the industry and for the models. She was a professional photographer so she certainly knew what she was doing in the industry by professionalizing modelling in her region.

Now an affiliate of Wilhelmina, thus, the name Modelogic [Wilhelmina], Vanchieri’s company has offices in Richmond and Chicago. She also has big-name clients including Geico, Walmart, and Abercrombie & Fitch – truly, a sign of success in the dog-eat-dog modelling industry. She has even managed to beat her local competitors with most of them now out of business.

One of her secrets: Her clients know that she means business, a fact that parents of her young models trust in.


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