Ned Dwyer Keeps His Focus

Ned Dwyer dabbled in plenty of jobs including disc jockey, cleaner, and mechanic, among others. But while there were benefits in being involved in diverse jobs, he became so distracted that he was stretched too thinly so much so that there was no time to make any one job pay off as well as can be.

Fortunately, one of his mentors said that he should focus on a few things, explore their potential, and then exploit their profits to the max. He was asked questions like, “What’s your goal? What’s your dollar bottom line? What do you want to do with your life?” His answers were along the lines of earning money, living well, and then just enjoying life without the worries of a salaried man.

And that’s when he decided to focus on entrepreneurship, business development, and product development. He has not looked back since then and he continues to enjoy the fruits of his focus.

He was part of the management team of Native Digital, a digital company that provided digital strategy consultancy services, as its Director from 2010 to 2012. He directed its growth from being a consultancy provider to a social application and product development agency. He was at the helm when Native Digital become the leader Facebook application development agency Down Under with clients like EA Games, KFC, and WPP, among others.

In July 2012, Dwyer established, a curated marketplace of marketers and developers dedicated to providing professional assistance for small businesses to achieve growth online. He has led and continues to lead the company toward achieving its mission of helping non-technical small and medium-sized businesses outsource small projects in a reliable and profitable manner.

Today, Dwyer has his hands full of projects so much so that he has ceased taking on new projects. He can then focus on the existing projects, thus, providing him with a full circle.


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