Amanda Lintott: From Lawyer to Entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs come from careers and backgrounds that are way different from the businesses they founded. One person who fits this description to a T is Amanda Lintott, the founder of Career Driven, a recruitment firm that specializes in manpower for Australia’s automotive industry.

Lintott, a lawyer, handled many of the legal matters for their family business – a luxury car dealership. She eventually became the dealer principal of the Porche Centre Sydney South, which was owned by their family. The dealership was sold in 2008 and Lintott found herself wanting to start her own business. She saw a need for good manpower in the automotive industry and decided to open up a recruitment firm that would provide car dealers and manufacturers with a good and competent workforce. The circumstances weren’t exactly ideal when she founded Career Driven. The global financial crisis was getting worse, the country’s automotive industry wasn’t doing very well, and to top it all off, Lintott was 5 months pregnant. All things considered, Lintott braved the storm and proceeded with her plans.

The road to success wasn’t always smooth sailing. Lintott had no experience in recruitment and so she undersold her services hoping it would attract more clients, but it ended up backfiring as a major client turned down her services because her rates were too low. It didn’t help that the financial crisis was causing more and more people to be jobless during that time, either. Luckily, Lintott’s tenacious nature took over and she just kept working hard to match good people with good jobs. She learned from the mistakes she made early on and adjusted accordingly.

All the hard work Lintott put into her business eventually paid off. She managed to double her company’s revenue every year and in 2012, Career Driven’s sales rose up to $2 million.


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