Andrew Long: Your Concierge to the World

In 1998, Andrew Long co-founded a small company with Alex Cheatle. 17 years later, their small London-based company Ten Lifestyle Management has grown into an international company with offices all over the world. Now known as the Ten Group, the company provides concierge services to its clients as well as operates tailor-made loyalty programs for its corporate partners. They are in the business of making dreams come true for those who can afford it. They tailor their services in order to accommodate their client’s wishes – no matter how simple or extravagant they may be.

As COO of the Ten Group and CEO of Ten Asia Pacific, Long has moved to Singapore where the company’s Asia Pacific headquarters is located. The Asia Pacific region has proved to be the new center of wealth, it was a great move on the company’s part to expand to this part of the world. Long spends most of his mornings making sure that all the offices in the Asia Pacific region are operating without a hitch. Later in the afternoon, he focuses on other regions on other time zones. He also attends meetings with clients and business partners to discuss product development and other matters. This hands-on approach has made the Ten Group one of the top companies in this lifestyle management industry.

Long and Ten Group aren’t just about lifestyle management for the rich and famous. Long has also shown that he values the preservation of the environment as well. Under the banner of the Ten Group, Long founded G-Ten, the company’s environmental arm in London which aims to reduce carbon emissions in the city. The initiative was launched in cooperation with the Greater London Authority to ensure its success and the implementation of all its programs in London. Long was also appointed as chairman of the Green Leadership Group, a project of The Prince’s Trust.


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