Leanna Archer: The Multi-Millionaire ‘Teenpreneur’

One is never too young to start their own business. “Teenpreneur” Leanna Archer has proven that. She founded her own company in 2005. She was only 9 years old. Today, she is the CEO of Leanna’s Inc., a company that makes and sells all-natural hair products. She is also the youngest person ever to ring the opening bell at the NASDAQ Stock Market.

Archer got her start in the business world when she used some homemade pomade her grandmother had given her. Many people noticed how nice her hair looked and asked her what product she was using. She never really intended to go into business and gave away the product which she repackaged herself. It was only when the demand grew and people started to offer her money to make more of the pomade. Using her grandma’s formula, she began to make it by herself. She eventually added other products and created her own hair care line, supervised by her grandmother to make sure she is doing everything right. In a span of a few years, Archer was selling her products not only to her neighbors in New York, but to the entire east coast as well. She later went global and ships her hair care products to 80 countries going as far as South East Asia.

Aside from running a multi-million dollar business, Archer also gives back through the foundation she set up in 2008. Staying true to her Haitian roots, the Leanna Archer Education Foundation helps children in need in Haiti. A part of Leanna’s Hair Products’ sales goes to the foundation which in turn feeds underprivileged children in Haiti. In the future, Leanna Archer hopes to be able to put up a school in that country in order to give the children there better opportunities in life.


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