Neil Grimmer: Promoting Nutrition through Innovation

Parenthood isn’t easy. There are so many things to consider including the food we feed our children. Neil Grimmer knows this first hand. As a father of two, he and his wife were looking for healthier alternatives to the store-bought baby food that ruled the market. They began preparing their own baby food for their two daughters, but since they were both very busy with their respective careers, they experienced a lot of inconvenience when it comes to making time to prepare the food.

This was when Grimmer came up with the idea of manufacturing and marketing organic baby food. He used his experience as Senior Designer at IDEO and VP for Strategy and Innovation for Clif Bar and Company, Grimmer developed Plum Organics, a line of organic baby food. He partnered up with former Clif Bar CEO Sheryl O’Loughlin to set up the company with the help of an angel investor by the name of Jed Smith, founder of Aside from creating nutritious baby food, Grimmer also worked on the unique spouted pouch packaging that Plum Organics is known for. The pair hit the ground running and launched the company in 2007, but it wasn’t until 2008 that they got their big break when a buyer from Babies R Us spotted them at the Natural Products Expo East and ordered a large amount of their product to be sold in Babies R Us stores across the United States. Soon, they were supplying their products to other major retailers such as Target and the like.

Since the company’s inception, Grimmer has developed and launched over a hundred different organic products including a line of kid’s snacks which intends to reinvent the way kids eat their snacks. Campbell Soup Co., bought Plum Organics in 2013, but Grimmer still remains in charge as the company’s CEO.


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