Jon Reynolds: Improving the Mobile Keyboard Experience

Jon Reynolds’ career as co-founder and CEO of a highly regarded tech company began in 2008. Reynolds was only 22 when he co-founded SwiftKey, a company that develops text-input mobile applications with Ben Medlock. They had met at Cambridge while he was working to get a Master’s Degree in Physics. Today, he is the CEO of a company that employs over 150 people located in London, San Francisco, and Seoul.

Success wasn’t easy for Reynolds and SwiftKey. Prior to starting up the business, he was a civil servant working for the British Government. Without any business background to speak of, he found it hard to pitch their product to mobile phone manufacturers and other companies that may have some use for their innovative mobile keyboard. Despite the challenges, Reynolds forged on and got funding assistance from the government for the product’s development and patenting. They released the Android version of the app and by 2012, it became the most downloaded application on Google Play. That got everyone’s attention. Today, the SwiftKey application comes pre-installed in many devices running on the Android operating system. They were also able to launch a version of SwiftKey for Apple’s iOS in 2014. There are roughly 200 million Android and iOS devices running the SwiftKey application to date.

Reynolds hard work paid off as he went from zero to hero. He and his company has earned numerous awards in the UK and internationally as well. The company was once ranked as the 6th Most Innovative Mobile Business by Fast Company and Europioneers has hailed Reynolds as 2013’s Young Tech Entrepreneur of the Year. The London Loves Excellence Awards has also named him Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

On top of all his accolades and achievements, Reynolds also has an Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting (CIMA).


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