Jessica Scorpio: Innovating for a Cleaner, Greener Future

Innovation has always been the driving force for young entrepreneurs like Jessica Scorpio. She, along with Elliot Kroo and Sam Zaid co-founded Getaround, a peer-to-peer car sharing service.

Scorpio earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Honors) in Political Science (International Relations) and a minor in Business from Carleton University. She then attended Singularity University’s Graduate Studies program on Energy and Ecological Systems where she was part of the inaugural graduating class. It was during her stay at Singularity that she met Zaid and Kroo and came up with an energy-saving concept that eventually became Getaround.

Her role as Director of Marketing for Getaround has earned her a lot of recognition from business insiders and media. Business Insider named her as one of the 14 Incredible Women To Watch In Silicon Valley in 2012. Prior to that, CEOWORLD Magazine also included Scorpio in their Top 20 Female Founders and Entrepreneurs of Technology Companies list.


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