Lisa Falzone: Revolutionizing Point of Sales Systems

The world of point of sales systems has been dominated by large companies that use bulky machines and backend servers which cost an arm and a leg just to maintain, making it difficult for smaller merchants to keep up with the cost. That was until Lisa Falzone came along.

Falzone co-founded Revel Systems in 2010 with Chris Ciabarra. Revel was originally intended to be an online ordering application, but while in the process of selling the product to restaurants in Sausalito, the pair had a major realization. Their target market needed something more urgently than app that allows people to order online. They needed an upgraded version of the bulky, archaic, and expensive to maintain point of sales systems they are using. They quickly went back to the drawing board to rethink their strategy. What they came up with was a sleeker, more comprehensive point of sales system using the then newly released iPad which they found a way to connect to a printer, a card swipe machine and a cash drawer. They also developed their own software platform to complete the package.

As CEO of the company, Falzone was able to make the company profitable just a year after it was launched, selling hundreds of millions of units to small merchants and big retailers and restaurant chains. Some of their most notable clients are Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, Little Caesar’s Pizza, Griffin Technology, Belkin, and Goodwill. Also, since the company was founded, she was able to expand the business which now employs over 250 people from all over the world. Her success has attracted recognition from some of the big names in business media including the San Francisco Business Times (40 under 40), Forbes (30 under 30 list), Business Insider (30 Most Important Women under 30 In Tech), and Business Journal (Upstart 100).


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