Solomon Hykes: Making Software Development Simpler

The world of software development can be quite complicated, even for those who have been working in this field for a long time. Simplifying the process was a challenge that was met by Solomon Hykes.

In 2011, Hykes co-founded and launched dotCloud, a multi-lingual Platform-As-A-Service company which simplifies coding for programmers by handling the scaling, code building, load-balancing, and deployment allowing the programmers to put all of their focus into coding. Hykes served as CEO of dotCloud before branching out into a project which aimed to develop an open source engine that programmers can use to deploy applications that would run anywhere. The project was called the Open Source Docker Project.

In October 2013, the exponential growth of the Docker project prompted the company to change its name to Docker, Inc. This change of name reflects the shift in the company’s focus. The new product still runs on the dotCloud platform.

In 2014, Hykes formally left dotCloud when the Platform-As-A-Service business was acquired by cloudControl, Inc.


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