Aharon Wasserman: From Campaign to Boardroom

Aharon Wasserman was a Political Science student at Rutgers University – New Brunswick campus when he dropped out to join the presidential campaign of then candidate Barrack Obama. At the campaign, Wasserman was made regional field director in Ohio and deputy field director in Georgia. It was during this campaign that he met the two people who would soon be his co-founders at NationalField, an internal social network that aims to bridge the gap between campaign organizers and its staff, as well as company management and their employees.

During the campaign, the trio of Wasserman, Edward Saatchi, son of advertising icon Lord Maurice Saatchi, and Justin Lewis had some difficulty keeping track of their people on the ground, as well as the overwhelming amount of data their staff fed them. This prompted them to develop a software platform which is often compared to social networking giant Facebook. They used this platform to streamline communications with their staff which in turn, increased the productivity in the regions they were serving. The success of the platform led to the development of a commercial version which is the NationalField companies and other organizations use today.


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