Deepa Gandhi Figures Out the Best Way to Carry Things

Deepa Gandhi was just like any college student with her hands full, literally, of the various items that a college student requires including a laptop, notebooks, and books. And an idea was born – to make fashionable and functional handbags that can accommodate the various odds and ends a woman must carry around.

As co-founder and chief problem solver of Dagne Dover, a handbag company, Gandhi cleverly uses her obsession with beautiful yet functional design in her business. With her analytical mind and fashion acumen, she designs fashionable and functional handbags that provide women ample room to strut their stuff and carry their stuff, too. She has a passion for retail that makes the handbags not only saleable in the market but collectible, too, for the women who purchase them.

Gandhi describes the Dagne Dover handbags as a combination of the best things in handbags – the modern functionality of Tumi bags combined with the classic craftsmanship and superior design of luxury brands, such as Prada. When such attention to fashion and function is combined with a great business model patterned after Warby Parker, the result is the first fashion plus function lifestyle brand for handbags.

She plays crucial roles in the success of Dagne Dover. Gandhi manages the company’s day-to-day operations including customer experience and investor relations, product development and marketing, and supply chain management, among others. She is even in charge of website development and events planning.

Gandhi is not a newbie in the fashion industry, thus, her retail acumen. She honed her retail experience at Club Monaco in her jobs as senior merchandise planner for women’s apparel and as associate merchandise planner for women’s and men’s apparel. She was also an equity sales trader and analyst at Lehman Brothers.

In the future, Gandhi wants to be on the board of a non-profit organization but for now, she wants to focus on Dagne Dover. Empowered women, after all, can take on many roles in the same way that their bags can carry so many things.


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