Erik Eliason and Tristan Pollock: Creating the Airbnb of Stores

Erik Eliason and Tristan Pollock, co-founders of Storefront, have a solid vision of their company – to be the Airbnb retail. The duo established the Storefront marketplace to bridge the divide between the online-only retailers who want to establish a physical presence and the brokers and landlords with empty floor spaces. Basically, the duo’s customers want extra foot traffic for their businesses, which can be achieved via short-term retail spaces (e.g., pop-up shops).

Eliason and Pollock, both of whom moved from the Midwest to San Francisco, are not novices to business. Their first co-venture was Social Earth, a social network and community for eco-conscious young professionals. Storefront, however, is their most successful venture to date with its $1.6 million in seed funding and with over a hundred brands assisted in making their physical presence felt by their target consumers.

The Storefront co-founders are setting their sights on a New York expansion. The duo is also thinking of making the services more personal in terms of addressing the client’s specific needs in a storefront.


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