Corey Capasso Brings Web Analytics to Traditional Venues

Corey Capasso just cannot seem to keep still judging by the number of companies he has established and the number of awards that have come his way. His latest venture – Nomi, which he co-founded in September 2012 and leads as president now – is his most successful so far.

Nomi provides major retailers with effective, efficient and responsive access to web analytics as their online counterparts. In 2013, it secured $13 million in funding from several investors including First Round Capital, Greycroft Partners, and Accel Partners. Its clients are giants in their industries, such as Dallas Cowboys, Barney’s and Giant Eagle.

Capasso has many other achievements to his name. He is a board member of the WAVE Advisory Board of the University of Wisconsin Madison (October 2102-present). He was the co-founder and president of Spinback, a company that allows e-commerce brands effective sharing across several networks to drive conversions, sales and ROI (March 2010-August 2012); it was acquired first by Buddy Media and then by

He is also the co-founder of MoGo Sport, a company that made mouthguards not only safer to use but tastier in the mouth, too. His idea for MoGo Sport came from his Add the Flavor’s flavored plastic technology; he established Add the Flavor in February 2006 and was its chairman until December 2010. He is also the co-founder of Exchangehut (2005-2008), which was acquired by CDI America and which was a trading platform for tickets among college students.

Capasso also holds a patent for filtration agents and the methods for their use, which he filed in February 2010. His invention relates to the effective removal of air stream contaminants.

He has a degree in Business Administration, Risk Management Insurance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business (2006-2009). He has also been awarded as one of BusinessWeek America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs.


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