Evan Burns Works With Community Thought Leaders

Evan Burns knows that thought is powerful. He is, after all, the founder and chief executive officer of Olympia Media Group, an innovative content and marketing company that operates The Odyssey; he established it in 2009. Community thought leaders use The Odyssey, a proprietary technology, to develop, refine and share their content across several platforms including print, web and mobile across the United States.

While the crowd-sourced content is published through these digital and traditional platforms, community leaders are assured that it is localized for the local audience. This means a greater reach and influence for their content and, hence, a great impact on society. The Odyssey now works with over 1,000 clients from regional to local businesses, including Fortune 500 brands.

Burns has steered the Olympic Media Group and The Odyssey to become the largest college media company in the U.S. His company now has 20 to 50 content creators in each community in approximately 400 universities. His clients now include big names in the industry including Red Bull Media House and Procter & Gamble.

Burns has a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Economics (2006-2010) from the Indiana University Bloomington.


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