Meet the New Kid on the Tech Startup Block: Dylan Field

Many of today’s most innovative entrepreneurs start young – some of them become founders of their own companies even before they reach the age of 20. One of the “young bloods” that the tech and consumer tech startup world is looking out for is Dylan Field.

Field was in the middle of his third year at Brown University where he was working on getting degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics when he dropped out and joined the Thiel Fellowship. Prior to getting the fellowship, Field has already accumulated more work experience than most college graduates. He interned at Flipboard, Microsoft Research, Indinero, and LinkedIn, performing product and engineering roles for these companies. A math wiz since he was very young, Field’s first internship happened when he was only in high school. He worked at O’Reilly Media, a company that publishes tech books and organizes events for tech buffs. During his internship he was able to meet the who’s who of Silicon Valley at these events.

Today, Dylan Field is no longer an intern. At only 21 years old, he has already become the founder of his very own tech startup. The product of Field’s fellowship is a company called Figma. It is basically a web-based photo editor which helps those without much artistic prowess to be able to edit photographs using technology that simplifies photo editing but is feature-rich to give users more variety than most photo editors which are targeted to novices. Field refuses to talk about the details of the project during interviews, but the buzz surrounding the company has gotten the entire tech community talking about him.

Field is still working on Figma; however, investors are already pouring in to get in on the action. Since the project’s announcement, Field has already raised around $3.8 million from investors.


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