Noah Ready-Campbell and Calvin Young: Twice the Power

Noah Ready-Campbell was an associate product manager and Calvin Young was an engineer at Google for just 6 months when they mutually decided to quit and start their own company. Their first ideas did not click but they pressed on and Twice was born – thus, proving that twice the brains is always better than one.

The duo used the challenges they encountered in selling used goods in online sites like eBay as their inspiration for establishing Twice. These challenges included the nitty-gritty details of manually taking pictures, posting the items, and keeping track of the sales, which the Twice platform seeks to eliminate for its users.

Basically, Twice is about recycling clothes, a purpose born of the duo’s realization about society’s wasteful practices. Users can purchase second-hand clothes on the site or use the site to make money while cleaning out closets. Twice pays for the shipping and the users get cash-back on the items.

Young designed a proprietary software program, known as Vulcan, which takes photos of the items, determine appropriate prices, and uploads the photos together with their descriptions to the website. The software, which the partners consider as their secret weapon, also aids in human resource and inventory management including shift assignments in the company’s San Francisco warehouse.

The duo has raised over $18 million in Series B round from Jeff Jordan of Andreessen Horowitz, Lerer Ventures, and IA, among others. Ready-Campbell says that the company’s success in sealing the deals for investments can be partly attributed to the company’s engineering capabilities and partly to its mission of providing people with an eco-friendly way of disposing their clothes while making money.

And that’s where Twice’s emerging power comes in – the opportunity to make money while exercising social responsibility and cleaning out closets appeals to its market. Ready-Campbell and Young certainly have made it easier for people.


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