Sam Rosen: Making Space in the 21st Century

Sam Rosen is a serial entrepreneur whose vision of next generation, full service storage services resulted in MakeSpace. He launched his company in New York City with the intention of eliminating the usual hassles associated with using conventional self-storage units.

MakeSpace users can store 4 boxes of their items, which are catalogued via photos and descriptions, for $25 a month. Users can then have their items shipped or delivered to their doorsteps with the click of a button instead of the usual “visit, load, and haul” process for traditional self-storage units.

Rosen has raised more than $10 million in funding so far. His initial success in the storage industry has encouraged him to expand to the rest of the United States.

MakeSpace is not Rosen’s first venture. He has also been the entrepreneur in residence of Upfront Ventures, co-founder of Scaffold and SpeakerGram, and sales and business development consultant for ScoreBig Inc and Urban Interns, among others.


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