Dylan Reid Makes Manufacturing Simpler for Designers

Manufacturing can be a complex and complicated business because of the wide range of steps involved. Fortunately, Dylan Reid wants to simplify the manufacturing process especially for designers, thus, allowing them to transform their dreams into reality with a few simple steps.

Reid founded Matter.io, a company that aims to redefine the concept of the modern factory. Matter.io specializes in the creation of small batches of customized metal parts, as ordered by the customers, with the use of advanced rapid molding and 3D printing technologies. Customers have the opportunity to create customized products from pre-designed 3D models, molds, and photographs.

Reid has designed the manufacturing process for designers. His simple 4-step manufacturing process allows product designers to speed and spin up the design, manufacture, and logistics processes. He is on a mission to improve manufacturing to the millions of product designers from around the world, even for ordinary people with apparently unrealistic product ideas.

With his persistence, Reid has nurtured Matter.io from its TechStars accelerator origins to its current status as a promising start-up. Not bad for a Cornell University graduate who failed his safety training twice.


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