Betsy Fore: Connecting the Physical and Digital Worlds

Betsy Fore studied Industrial Design in college and dreamed of creating products that are innovative and fun. During a class trip to Big Monster Toys in Chicago, Fore declared that she would one day work there. After graduating and taking a solo trip through Europe, she applied and got accepted. This is where her journey towards founding her own company began.

Fore was a Toy and Game Inventor for Big Monster Toys for three years before she moved on to work for the UK-based company Mind Candy, where she successfully developed and design physical games and toys for the company’s popular digital brand Moshi Monsters. She left Mind Candy in November 2013 to pursue a different kind of dream. She founded her own company in the UK called Wondermento. The company develops mobile apps which are attached to hardware which are also developed by her team. Their first product, WonderWoof is a mobile app which allows pet owners to track their pet’s activities through a chip embedded in a specially made pet collar. Another product Wondermento has come up with since its inception is Wonderwool, an app that connects users with other crafters and creators. It also teaches first-time knitters how to do needlework from scratch and allows users to show off their work. Other products under development are WonderWear, a fashion app, and WonderWorld, a project which has something to do with what Fore does best – toys.

Fore’s success as an inventor and entrepreneur has earned her a lot of praise and recognition. Not only has she been selected as one of the people on the 2015 Forbes’ list of 30 Under 30 in Manufacturing, her company has also been offered a grant to open up an office in the US. Fore says she plans to keep her UK office and divide her time between the two locations.


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