Christopher Haid: Bringing 3D Printing Closer to the Public

With Mechanical Engineering degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and over five years of experience in designing and fabricating robotics under his belt, great things are expected from Christopher Haid – and as expected, he delivered. In fact, he has been recognized by Forbes Magazines for his achievements in Manufacturing when they named him as one of their 30 Under 30 for 2015.

Haid is one of the four co-founders of the New Valence Robotics Corporation, more commonly known as NVBots. He is also the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Haid and the other co-founders opened up NVBots with the vision of bringing the world’s ideas to life. They are currently doing this with the use of 3D Printing, a piece of technology that was once only available to companies and organizations with a large budget for innovative technologies. Haid and his partners believe that teaching students about 3D printing at a young age allows them to be more creative and inspires them to bring the products of their creativity to life.

The 3D printer produced by NVBots is not limited for use in schools. In fact, they have made the process of taking ideas and turning them into physical reality so easy and convenient, almost anyone can print a 3D rendering of their ideas. The best part of the technology they have developed is the cloud-based interface which allows users to print from any device.

As the company’s COO, Haid has his hands in a lot of the areas of the business, including serving as an interface between the manufacturing group and the customers and leading the sales and rentals team. Haid is also involved in many aspects of the manufacturing process including product development.

Before NVBots, Haid worked at the Nuclear Reactor Lab at MIT as both operator and supervisor.


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