Jaclyn Johnson Is a Picasso of the Marketing and Events Industry

Jaclyn Johnson wears many hats and wears it well, thus, earning her the reputation as a Picasso, if wearing many hats was an art form. She is a writer who became a blogger, a chief executive officer, and an organizer of conferences and events, all of which she has apparently done with extraordinary results.

Johnson started her career at Conde Nast andthen moved on to Attention USA where she spearheaded its beauty and fashion program including the first-ever word-of-mouth marketing campaigns for several clients, such as Estee Lauder and Bluefly. She transitioned into iCrossing’s social media services with the tasks of establishing success metrics, among others. She was also a consultant on many IAC’s businesses, thus, cementing her reputation as one of the leading experts in the marketing industry.

In 2010, Johnson created (No subject), which has since then become the go-to agency for marketing and planning events as well as an influencer in the fashion scene, among others. Her clients include Levi’s, Nasty Gal, Microsoft, Westfield, Sprint, and Urban Decay.


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