Jason Shah And His Goal of Productive Meetings

Jason Shah has a great idea for fixing unproductive meetings – an application that provides users with the crucial tools to be prepared for meetings, to keep track of proceedings, and to keep everybody concerned on track. He then established Do.com, a website where people can learn to love their work by making their meetings for productive.

Shah launched Do.com with $400,000 in funding but it was incubated at SherpaFoundry. He was EIR there, thus, proving that professional connections are valuable for start-ups. His San Francisco-based company has the financial backing of New Enterprise Associates, Slow Ventures, Salesforce Inc., and Queensbridge Venture Partners, among others.

Do, the application, is easy to use because the features and functions are designed with the end user in mind. All of the critical information resulting in productive meetings is at your fingertips including the participants, inputs, and feedbacks, among others. Users can set the agenda, define outcomes, and track follow-ups using a shared canvass where all the notes, documents and presentations can be accessed; emails can be eliminated.

Shah is not just a businessman intent on saving the world from unproductive meetings. He is also a current Board Member of the Computer History Museum; a former Entrepreneur in Residence at SherpaFoundry; and a former product manager at Yammer, Inc, an enterprise social network acquired by Miscrosoft. He was also a Product Manager in Residence at General Assemb.ly and engaged in product management at Owiki, which was acquired by Yahoo.

Do.com is not Shah’s first shot at being on top of a business either. He was the founder and CEO of INeedAPencil.com, an online education program acquired by CK12 in April 2011; it provided high-quality yet free SAT preparatory and college admissions support services that generated good publicity from television shows.

Shah has sociology and computer science degrees from Harvard University.


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