Cameron Goldie-Scot: Brings Banking Technology to the Unbanked

Cameron Goldie-Scot aims to improve the availability and quality of financial services in developing countries through technology. As a co-founder of Musoni Services, he is well on his way to achieving his aim especially in terms of bringing banking technology to women in rural areas.

Musoni Services prides itself on being a pioneering software company with an award-winning cloud-based system. The low-cost technology provides 15 microfinance institutions with the infrastructure to improve efficiency, reduce cost, and deliver better banking services to the unbanked masses in Africa. It is used in countries like Kenya, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The company has served over 60,000 clients via its tablet application, processed over 1.5 million money transactions, and 1 million SMS messages. It has won several awards for its innovative approaches to microfinance including Most Innovative Use of Technology at the 2011 Global Microfinance Awards and Technology Leadership award from Frost and Sullivan.

Goldie-Scot is also well-known for his vast experience in microfinance, informational technology services, and back office operations.


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