Ben Simon: Fighting Food Waste and Hunger Is His Passion

Ben Simon hates wasting good food when there are millions of people suffering from hunger even in the United States. As the founder and Executive Director of the Food Recovery Network, he is both inspired and an inspiration to the non-profit organization’s amazing network of student leaders who work tirelessly toward building a just, sustainable and prosperous society where no one goes hungry.

Established in July 2011, the Food Recovery Network is a student-run non-profit organization dedicated to fighting food waste and hunger in the United States. By uniting college students from several universities across America, it recovers surplus perishable food from various sources including their campuses as well as the surrounding homes and communities. These food sources would have otherwise gone to waste but are donated to people in need.

Simon has been active in other socially responsible endeavors, too. He is the founder of, a non-partisan, non-profit website dedicated to connecting Maryland elected officials and their constituents. He was also involved with the Hungry Harvest, a start-up that sells produce at low prices and then donates a bag of products for each bag sold.


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