Joyce Meng and Jennifer Chen: Turning Giving Into A Social Enterprise

Joyce Meng and Jennifer Chen, co-founders of Givology, are living proof that anybody with the vision and dedication can make a global impact through social enterprise. The partners run Givology, a completely volunteer-run group that makes giving a hip activity.

Givology basically connects two stakeholders in the charitable industry – the donors and the beneficiaries albeit in an innovative, effective and efficient way than just getting donations and handing out grants. The group connects donors on one hand with individuals, groups and organizations involved in grassroots education programs and in student scholarships worldwide.

Chen and Meng started Givology as students at the University of Pennsylvania in 2008. The partners have steered the group into a world-recognized non-profit organization involved in various education-related programs and projects. These include teacher training, library construction, and school lunches as well as student scholarships in more than 25 countries.

The pair are also co-authors of “A Guide to Giving”, which was also a collective writing effort of Givology volunteers.

Cheng and Meng emphasize accountability and transparency of the donations made via its website. The duo also emphasizes using every dollar given for maximum social impact.

Since its launch, Givology has raised over $300,000 – and counting since donors continue to give – and helped over 2,800 students and 46 grassroots organizations. It now has 9o volunteers worldwide, 300 core team members, and 11 global chapters as well as over 2,600 registered donors – truly, a testament to its founders’ dedication to make giving for a social impact a noble endeavour among its registered donors.

Due to its innovative platform of philanthropic crowd-sourcing, Givology has been awarded with numerous recognitions. These include the Intelius Award for Best Student-run Social Enterprise; Education Without Borders’ Technology in Education award; and GreatNonprofits’ Top Education Non-profit award as well as being featured in several publications including Philadelphia Inquirer.


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