Garrett Neiman: Helping Low-Income Students Is His Passion

Garrett Neiman, founder of and CEO of CollegeSpring, made it his mission to lend low-income students with a helping hand particularly in achieving higher SAT scores and better chances at college acceptance. He started the non-profit organization as a sophomore economics student at Stanford University but he probably did not envision its impressive growth

Nowadays, CollegeSpring is considered as the largest non-profit provider of services in SAT and college preparation for low-income students in California. Since its inception, the organization has assisted over 7,000 students while its staff complement has grown to hundreds of part-time employees and 25 full-time employees.

Basically, experienced educators and mentors are mobilized by CollegeSpring to provide high school students with low-income backgrounds to prepare for the SAT and college acceptance process. The students are then provided with better chances at actually getting into their desired colleges and universities, thus, improving their future outlook.

CollegeSpring has the financial backing of many of the world’s major philanthropic organizations including The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, The Heckscher Foundation for Children, and The Kresge Foundation, as well as several prominent people.


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