Sam Barnett: Innovative Uses of Math and Science for Investments

Sam Barnett certainly uses his part-mathematician, part-scientist in finding the best investments for his clients. While he was still an undergraduate student at California Institute of Technology, he started his hedge fund as a way to test his investment theories.

He designed and developed his algorithm-based training expertise while at Caltech but unlike many successful entrepreneurs, he completed his studies. He graduated with honors from Caltech with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Applied and Computational Mathematics as well as a bachelor of Science in Business Economics and Management, both of which he now puts to good use in the SBB Research Group and in Barnett Capital. He is also presently a graduate student at Northwestern University.

His quaint hedge fund has since conquered the investment industry in its own way. He now manages its $115 million in assets and 15 employees while enjoying solid returns from his investment firm.

Barnett is also a principal specifically the Chief Investment Officer at Barnett Capital. He oversees and manages the firm’s investments using a data metric standpoint, his specialty, while also crafting the firm’s vision of operations. With his team, he manages over $100 million in investments using the trade algorithms they have designed and developed.

His investment focus: Debt, publicly traded equities, currencies, and derivatives. His team of technology specialists at SBB Research Group provides expert assistance to Barnett Capital in several ways including technological data, deal analysis, and general technology support, among others.

The SBB Research Group uses complex algorithm trading software coupled with expert advice in picking the best (i.e., high-reward) investments for its clients. The company is an early-stage research and investment management firm known for its effective and efficient use of asset management strategies. Its profitable management of assets totaling $150 million is proof of its success in this area.


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