Max Lynch: Getting Open Source to the Next Level

Max Lynch, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Drifty, likes to experiment with different business models and funding styles, as well as build products. His passion for technology and innovation contributed to his co-founding of Drifty with Ben Sperry, his childhood friend and Drifty’s Chief Technology Officer, in 2012.

Lynch’s background included the design and development of MMORPG games. With Sperry, he soon realized the big business opportunity in the development of a cross-mobile platform. The platform would allow experienced web developers to leverage their expertise in using technologies, such as CSS, HTML, and AngularJS, to build native mobile applications.

And thus Drifty was born. The company makes it possible for web developers to effectively build and publish their native mobile applications, which can then be published in Apple’s iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon’s Appstore, among other major app stores.

Drifty continues to experience impressive growth. In 2014, Arthur Ventures provided Drifty with a $1 million seed fund. In 2015, Drifty raised $2.6 million in additional seed funding led by Lightbank in Chicago with other participants like Founder Collective in Cambridge and Arthur Ventures also in on the round. The new funding comes at the heels of Drifty’s significant increase in the number of developers using its platform, including Fortune 50 enterprises.

Since its launch of its Ionic Open Source Mobile SDK, Drifty’s developers have created over 500,000 apps with probably tens of thousands published to the major mobile app stores. It has also gained more than 15,000 stars on GitHub as well as become a leading project worldwide, according to Lynch. The open source project is also installed more than 100,000 times in a month- and counting.

Drifty is still in its pre-revenue stage because it plans to create a unique open-source model, which will remain free including the feature that allows developers to build, test and publish their mobile apps. But with the planned additional freemium services, Lynch plans to make money from the project.


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