Jack Hanlon: The Architect of Kinetic Social

Jack Hanlon, the co-founder and current head of product, is considered as the architect behind the present success of Kinetic Social, Inc. His contributions to the company make it one of the best up-and-coming technology companies, a fact that investors have observed and acted on via capital infusions.

Kinetic Social, Inc. is a social data and marketing technology start-up. It provides clients with cost-efficient, results-effective solutions for social, mobile and display advertisers to connect with their target audience in a better manner. Its Kinetic Social Platform supports and promotes the delivery process across several digital campaigns while its Kinetic Compass acts as a creative optimization tool. The Kinetic Compass analyzes social presence and rates online content according to KPIs, campaign insights, and contextual sentiment analysis.

Kinetic Social has certainly made a name for itself with over 500 clients on its roster. These include H&M, Mars, and Victoria’s Secret PINK. With Hanlon’s keen vision of a technology platform that enhances understanding and communication between brands and their audiences, the client roster can still increase.


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