Adam D’Angelo: From Facebook to Quora

Why be a top executive when you can be the top executive? Adam D’Angelo was one of Facebook’s early employees who was considered as its most gifted engineer and who climbed up the ladder to become its Chief Technology Officer.

But in 2008, D’Angelo left Facebook and co-founded Quora with Charlie Cheever, his colleague at the social media giant. He is the company’s Chief Executive Officer today.

Quora is a popular question-and-answer website where a community of users can ask questions, provide answers, as well as edit and organize them. The website aggregates the questions and answers according to topics for easy accessibility.

D’Angelo completed his high school studies at the Phillips Exeter Academy where he was a co-developer of Synapse Media Player, a music suggestion app. He attended the California Institute of Technology where he completed his bachelor’s degree in computer science.

He was a multi-awarded college student, too, with his International Olympiad in Informatics silver medal, among other accolades. Even Fortune magazine regards D’Angelo as one of the smartest people in the tech industry.


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