Oliver Kremer: Delivering Mexican Fare Without the Fanfare

Oliver Kremer, the co-founder of Dos Toros Taqueria, opened the burrito restaurant as homage, of sorts, to Gordo Taqueria, a favorite spot in the Bar Area. He co-founded it with his brother, Leo, in 2009.

He first realized the business opportunity for a burrito spot when he discovered the absence of authentic San Francisco Mission-styled taquerias in New York City. He then decided to open Dos Toros Taqueria to meet the need for delicious Mexican fare but without the fanfare and fuss of the competition.

Unlike its competition, each burrito joint does not have huitlacoche, tongue tacos, and even wrestling posters to declare its supposedly authentic Mexican vibe. Instead, the place has a brawny simplicity to it – heavy wooden and leather stools, reclaimed wood tables, and raw concrete. The vibe evokes the fresh, quick and affordable dining experience of Mexican joints in the Bay Area, a deliberate design on the part of the Kremer brothers.

Each of the Dos Toros Taqueria joint boasts of other West Coast details, such as the aggressive composting policy, the biodegradable table utensils, and the amiable waiting staff. The joints have a college town atmosphere that attracts people from many walks of life from college students to young professionals and families. The taqueria can also be opened into the street when the weather permits, a touch that evokes the California mindset of al fresco dining that New Yorkers also appreciate.

The interiors may be unassuming but the food is as delicious as Mexican fare in the United States can get. The simple yet succulent food is created according to high standards, another deliberate decision along with the savvy decision to limit the menu to just three items. These are the taco, burrito, and quesadilla with a choice of meat toppings, including carne asada, carnitas, and pollo asado, or vegetarian toppings of either pinto or black beans.


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