Adam Lowy: Tapping the Relocation Industry to Feed the Hungry

Adam Lowy, founder of Move for Hunger, was born into a family that owned a moving company in New Jersey for 90+ years. He realized the immense amount of waste that individuals, groups and families leave behind in their former homes when relocating – and thus began his advocacy for putting the relocation industry’s influence into a positive impact particularly in combating hunger.

He founded Move for Hunger in 2009 for this purpose. Today, the non-profit organization remains as the first and only organization that connects the relocation industry with local food banks. Basically, Move for Hunger mobilizes the moving companies in its network to ask permission for and collect unopened, non-perishable food and non-food items during relocation jobs. The collected items are then delivered to local food banks, thus, ensuring that these are not wasted in the landfills but are used to alleviate hunger.

To date, Move for Hunger has moved more than 2.4 million pounds of food items in the United States and, hence, indirectly helped to feed over 2 million people.


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