Nicolas Desmarais and Daniel Saks: Catering to Companies, Not Consumers

Nicolas Desmarais and Daniel Saks, co-founders of AppDirect, have a shared passion for software-as-a-service (SaaS) that led to the creation of their start-up. In 2009, the duo founded AppDirect with an innovative idea – AppDirect has the singular focus of becoming the leader in cloud service marketplace services targeted for companies (i.e., developers) instead of end consumers. The partners have since secured over $35 million in funding as well as acquired several companies for its expansion plans; Leftronic, a data visualization company, is one of its acquisitions.

With AppDirect’s award-winning platform, service providers have the opportunity to design and develop sophisticated online application stores within a few weeks – a fast, easy and convenient way to start a business that otherwise will take months to accomplish. Developers can also use the platform for one-time integration of their software and then make it available across several markets on a global scale.

The duo and their team take pride in providing its clients with a comprehensive range of tools that can significantly improve on their solutions and software. AppDirect has been hailed for its innovative services in cloud delivery and these tools are part of the reason.

As proof of its success in the cloud marketplace, many trusted companies from around the world have their cloud marketplaces powered by AppDirect. These companies include Deutsche Telekom, Rackspace, and Appcelerator, among others. AppDirect has, indeed, helped in connecting millions of companies with thousands of the leading web-based apps suitable for their businesses.

Saks and Desmarais established AppDirect in 2009 when both were in their early 20s. In just five years, the duo already had over 200 team members on board, entered into strategic deals with many of the world’s largest companies, and secured over $60 million in venture capital funding. With its thrust toward excellence, AppDirect continues to provide business users with the advanced tools to assist them in buying, using and managing their customized cloud services.


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