Maisie Devine & Isaac Rothenbaum: Giving Jobseekers a New Way In

Maisie Devine and Isaac Rothenbaum, the co-founders of Poacht, were frustrated by the methods in which established job portals made business. And so the duo established Poacht, an online service that allows jobseekers to look for new jobs without exposing their plans to their present employers.

Jobseekers usually inform their potential new employers about their job criteria, such as compensation package, career advancement, and corporate culture, in a discreet manner. The app is compatible with Android and iOS, thus, ensuring that most jobseekers will be able to use the services. The jobseekers can accept these requests for interviews from potential employers with a single tap on the app.

Such was the effectiveness of the app that during the first six months of operation, AppDirect already had over 250 employers signing up to recruit the jobseekers who have posted job listings. While the app still relies on LinkedIn, the company plans to incorporate Facebook information in the future.


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