Calder Hendrickson: Changing the World With a Coating

Calder Hendrickson, founder of AquaSmart, was included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list because of his pioneering work in energy. AquaSmart manufactures highly absorbent polymer coating with innovative applications in agriculture including landscaping, construction, and oil and gas production.

The polymer coating, which is currently applied to fertilizers, seeds, and sand, traps water. This reduces the amount of water lost due to environmental factors including runoff and evaporation. When applied to seeds, the coating’s high water absorption property results in faster germination and lower watering needs by as much as 60%. When used in oil and gas fracking sands, the coating can improve the fracking process in terms of cost efficiency.

The agricultural applications for the polymer coating is of crucial importance to ranchers, farmers, and homeowners in the South Plains, With lesser water usage brought by the increased effectiveness of water use, the scarcity of water in these parts can be lessened. The technology is being studied for its application in increased crop yields, too.


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